Angel Callers

What are Angel Callers?

pregnant lady angel caller 400x600Angel Callers, also known as Harmony balls or Bola balls, are little jewelry balls or ‘cages’ with a bell or another ball inside them that makes a tinkling sound when they move. They are worn around the neck by women through pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood.

The principle is that the unborn child hears the tinkle of the bell whenever the mother moves so it becomes a very familiar sound, so after the baby is born, the familiar tinkling of the Angel Caller reminds the baby of their time in the womb and comforts them.

During pregnancy the mother wears the Angel Callers on a long chain so that the ball rests against her stomach, where the baby can hear the ball better. After birth she switches to a shorter chain so that the ball is at arms length for the baby to play with when being held or breastfed.

Angel Callers are also called Harmony Balls, but these are not to be confused with the Chinese hand exercise balls called Harmony Balls (also called Baoding Balls). Those are roughly the size of a billiard ball and are held in the hand, they do not have a chain and have nothing to do with the Harmony Balls this article is about.

Origins of the Angel Caller

Back in medieval times they were called Druid Balls, because they were made and used by Celtic Druids. Later they were adopted and became popular among both Mexicans and the Balinese. The Mayans called them Llamador de Angeles, which is Spanish for Angel Caller, while the Balinese called them Harmony Balls.

What are Angel Callers Made of?

Quality Angel Callers are made of 925 Sterling Silver. That means 92.5% Silver, the other 7.5% is copper which strengthens the silver.  Beware of fake knockoffs! There are many so-called ‘Angel Callers’ out there with only silver plating. Silver plating is very thin, the amount of silver is very small. Not only is the silver-plated Angel Caller less valuable, but also the silver plating will wear off and the tinkle noise will stop, if it ever did make a sound.

Months of wearing an Angel Caller around the neck, exposed to sweat and friction against skin and clothing, will wear away any silver plating and expose the metal underneath. So if you want your Angel Caller to last the length of your pregnancy, do be sure to get one made of 925 Sterling Silver. Then it will continue to last, and you can pass it down to the next generation when they have children.

Many Angel Callers will also have a precious stone inside the ball as well for decoration.

Legend of the Angel Caller

According to Mexican tradition, the tinkling sound summons the baby’s guardian angel to protect them. This is how the Angel Caller got its name.

The Balinese likewise believed that the tinkling sound warded away evil spirits. According to Balinese legend, fairies and humans lived together in harmony until one day, evil spirits came and threatened the fairies’ way of life. There was a magical imbalance in the world and the fairies had to become invisible forever to protect themselves.

Before they became invisible and said goodbye to the humans, the fairies gave the humans a special parting gift, the Harmony Ball, so that we could call for them if we ever needed their magical help. 

So the Mexicans believe it summons angels to protect the baby, the Balinese believe it summons invisible fairies to protect the baby.  


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